At no time do we automatically record the personal data of visitors without their knowledge. Data relative to the technical configuration and transmission are nevertheless analyzed by the server with the intention of adapting the site to these findings and calculating statistics.

The handling of your personal data falls under the Belgian Law of December 8, 1992, regarding the protection of privacy, and under the loi française Informatique et Libertés (Information Technology and Freedom Bill)
of January 6, 1978.

Your data is collected and stored by S.A. Éditions Dupuis -52, rue Destrée 6001 Marcinelle (Belgium)
(Referred to hereafter as the “File Holder”).

You have the right to access and correct any data about you by contacting the File Holder.

These data are destined to be used for managing our accounts, as well as for direct marketing purposes, and,
if need be, they may be transferred to third parties for the same purpose.

You can prohibit this by writing a letter (addressed to the File Holder) or by email to

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